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Report: New Apple gadget to be released in September

According to reports, it is rumored that Apple, Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) will be releasing a new version of the Apple TV along with a new streaming service. The new device which was expected to be announced at WWDC, will now be announced at an Apple event in September.tim-cook-apple

The revamped Apple TV will feature a faster processor, Siri voice compatibility and more storage. The current Apple TV, released in 2012 features a underclocked A5 chip that was designed for the iPhone 4s. The new device is likely to come with an A8 chip. A slimmer design, and a revamped interface with Siri might be included to compete with Google’s Nexus Player and Amazon’s Fire TV. Apple might also expand its line of digital media applications like Netflix and Hulu.

Though it has been reported that Apple is working on some type of touch interface, it remains unclear if the company would develop a brand new remote with touch screen. However, the new streaming service will be released only in September, and the company will have enough time to sell the new Apple devices. Last year, Apple unveiled the Apple Watch during the iPhone launch. Similarly, Apple is likely to announce the new iPhone 6S and the new Apple TV this year.

Buzzfeed maanging editor John Paczkowski wrote that Apple hopes will inspire a big upgrade cycle through the annual winter holiday consumer binge, setting the stage for subscription Internet -TV service Apple’s been trying to take off for years. The company should also develop a dedicated App Store along with a SDK that would make it on par with Android TV.

Even if the new streaming service is released later, developers will have the time to develop for the new device. As Americans are increasingly “cutting the cord” and moving to Internet-based streaming services, Apple hopes to stay in the top of the market.

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