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NVIDIA recalls 83,000 Shield tablets due to possible fire hazard

NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) has issued a recall for its 8-inch Shield tablets in the United States. According to the reports, the battery of some of the Shield 8-inch tablets is suffering from overheating issues, which in turn pose a threat of a fire outbreak.nvidia-shield-android-tablet

NVIDIA’s Shield 8-inch tablet had been specially designed for gaming enthusiasts. The tablets are equipped with batteries with the ability to hold on to the power a bit longer than the other high-end tablets.

The reports suggest that NVIDIA Corp. has issued a recall for approximately 83,000 tablets that have been sold all across the United States since its launch in the month of July last year. This is not the first time, when electronic devices using Lithium ion batteries have been recalled. Although, NVIDIA has not disclosed the total number of Shield Tablets sold since its launch, but an approximate study suggests that it will cost NVIDIA at least $1 million to compensate the recall.

NVIDIA has asked the owners of the 8-inch Shield tablets to at the first upgrade to the latest software on the system. If the software dates after July 1, the tablet is not a part of the recall. The other way to check out whether your tablet falls under the recall category is by checking the battery information of the tablet. If it is stated ‘B01’, you can breathe easy. The ones recalled will have ‘Y01’ stated in the battery information section.

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission states that the tablet has been reported four times in the recent past owing to issues of overheating. On two instances, the reports include damage to the flooring as well. The recall does not affect another NVIDIA product, but it seems that the thorough check up will be done now.


Visit this official link to know more about the recall process.

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