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Reboot the suit of Neil Armstrong is a SUCCESS with over $500K crowdfunding

Of all the achievements that we have made with regard to space exploration ‘Kickstarted’ with the first step of Neil Armstrong on the Lunar Surface. The Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum has collected the amount that they aimed for, to protect the space suit of Neil Armstrong. The crowd funding initiative started on the 46th Anniversary of ‘the first step of Mankind on the Moon’, i.e., 20th July, 2015. The initial mark was made for $500K and surprisingly the mark was crossed within the first 5 days the campaign.neil-armstrong-suit-in-museum

The authorities are to a certain extent overwhelmed at the response the initiative has received and have thus decided to increase the limits to $700 with the purpose of ensuring the same fate of Alan Shepherd’s space suit. Alan Shepherd is one of the astronauts of NASA’s Mercury flight. He was the first American to make a space flight, which indirectly does imbibe certain emotions with the man.

The Museum authorities are confident that the campaign will raise enough funds to conserve Alan Shepherd’s Mercury suit as well. Just like in the case of Neil Armstrong’s space suit, the museum aims to conserve, digitize and display Mr. Shepherd’s suit for the people.

The suits will be on display at the Museum in Washington, DC on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the incredible feat achieved by mankind. Later, the suit along with many other artifacts will be part of Destination Moon. Destination Moon will be designed specifically with all the artifacts to get the story of Man’s Lunar exploration out to the new generation.

To be precise, the Smithsonian campaign has raised approximately about $544K with 6990 individuals backing up the initiative. Even you can lend a hand with backing up the campaign to protect Neil Armstrong and Alan Shepherd’s suit and be a part of another history in making.

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