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Nintendo files a patent for a ‘non-wearable’ sleep tracker

Nintendo took an initiative back in the year 2014, which was aimed towards improving the quality of life. According to the recent reports, the company has filed a patent registration for a technology that will monitor your sleep. This is not the first time when company has involved in measures aimed at improving the quality of life for the people. It is quite clear with the number of fitness bands and other monitors that we have in the market. But Nintendo’s Sleep tracker is certainly unique.Nintendo registers patent that monitors sleep

We have trackers to count the calories we burn, to count the rate of out heartbeat, etc., but till now sleep has not been monitored. There is no clear indication of what sleep monitoring would offer and how the device would function, but one thing is for sure that the technology by Nintendo, if comes through, will certainly dazzle us by all means.

There is no doubt of the fact that Sleep is one of the major acts that we do during a day and it is having huge effects on our health, physique, mentality, etc.. The experts believe that the new technology might just open up new doors to the human world when he or she is sleeping. Points like motion while asleep, body temperature, etc. might just be taken into consideration by the technology.

According to the reports, the devices will be docked at a station and can be charged just like we charge the other smart devices. The device will hold various sensors in order to track down all the different kinds of data that a human sleep can donate.

To be true, it will be interesting to actually see how the device would work as a normal brain might as not even come close to guess things about our sleep.

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