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Pluto’s new images by NASA shows hazes and ice flows like Earth’s glaciers

NASA released the latest images of the dwarf planet Pluto, and among those, one of the photos shows the evidences of “exotic ice flows” over the surface of the dwarf planet. The images were released by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration this Friday from the “New Horizons spacecraft”, and images shows the geologic activities that took place recently on the planet surface.image (1)

The latest photo shows that gray and white surfaces on the planet, and NASA says they are signs of recent geologic activities and also, some of the photos reveal the “Sputnik Planum.”, the heart-shaped region of the planet.  NASA mentioned that, swirl patterns of white and dark regions shows is the layers of ice found on the surface of the planet.

New Horizons Principal Investigator Alan Stern said in a statement as,

“My jaw was on the ground when I saw this first image of an alien atmosphere in the Kuiper Belt. It reminds us that exploration brings us more than just incredible discoveries – it brings incredible beauty.”

Mission co-investigator John Spencer said that he has previously seen this kind of layer in the active world such as Earth and Mars too, and he also added that “I’m really smiling,”. The various images released by the spacecraft show entire portrait of the dwarf planet, and offer various zones on the surface of the Pluto.


The one of the images reveals the hazes in the surfaces of the planet, and the hazes are almost 130 km above from the surface. Also, initial analysis tells that there are two sorts of haze layer present in the surface, one is almost at 80 km above the surface and one is 50 kilometers above it.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration mentioned in a statement as,

“There, a sheet of ice clearly appears to have flowed – and may still be flowing in a manner similar to glaciers on Earth. The darkest terrains appear at the equator, mid-tones are the norm in mid-latitudes, and a brighter icy expanse dominates the north polar region,”

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