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Chile’s ESO ALMA telescope helps astronomers to look inside distant galaxies

This has happened the very first time that the European Southern Observatory ALMA telescope in Chile has provided their astronomers the instruments to look far in the distant galaxies. This instrument provides the opportunity for the astronomers to make the observations through the fog and observe the galaxies which are formed first during the era of reionization.

Andrea Ferrara is the co-founder of the observatory has explained the significance of this instrument: “This is the most distant detection ever of this kind of emission from a ‘normal’ galaxy, seen less than one billion years after the Big Bang. It gives us the opportunity to watch the build-up of the first galaxies. For the first time we are seeing early galaxies not merely as tiny blobs, but as objects with internal structure!”

This study of the galaxies is also led by Roberto Maiolino from the Cambridge University who stated that: “This study would have been simply impossible without ALMA, as no other instrument could reach the sensitivity and spatial resolution required. Although this is one of the deepest ALMA observations so far and it is still far from achieving its ultimate capabilities. In future ALMA will image the fine structure of primodial galaxies and trace in detail the build-up of the very first galaxies.”

Also, the researchers have said that they had set out to look specifically for the faint glow of carbon ionized which is in the clouds of gas which is in the region of the star formation. Andrea Ferrara also added that: “We have been trying to understand the interstellar medium and the formation of the reionisation sources for many years. Finally to be able to test predictions and hypothesis on real data from ALMA is an exciting moment and opens up a new set of questions. This type of observations will clarify many of the thorny problems we have with the formation of the first stars and galaxies in the Universe.”

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