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Kim Kardashian wants ‘edit’ option on Twitter; got a reply from cofounder

Kim Kardashian is the famous reality TV star who has reported to the official team of Twitter to include the edit option on the micro-blogging site – and she got the reply from the Twitter team, almost immediately.kim-kardashian

According to the report from US magazine, the 34-year-old pregnant star who is also a big social media user, said that she had tossed a request to the micro-blogging site to add up an editing feature so that the users can edit their messages after they have posted.

Kim tweeted on Twitter that: “I just emailed Twitter to see if they can add an edit feature so that when you misspell something you don’t’ have to delete & repost let’s see.”

This star managed to draw the attention of the Twitter, and you won’t believe that within 30 minutes of the tweet from Kim the Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey replied directly to this reality star.

His reply to this reality star was: “Great Idea! We’re always looking at ways to make things faster and easier.’

Last month, there was a big blunder happened from Kim when she misspelled the fashion brand Armani and she begged not to discontinue the favorite foundation on the social platform Twitter.

When she misspelled the designer name as “Georgio” Armani, which is correctly spelled as “Giorgio”, someone from the backside of the brand’s Twitter account corrected the mistake politely and offered to send the foundation to her.

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