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Pool side fire engulfs a hotel in Vegas (+video)

Las Vegas had its sky filled up with black smoke owing to the fire that broke out on the 14th Floor of the Cosmopolitan, a well known hotel in the city. The fire broke out at around the swimming pool of the hotel, which was in turn located on the 14th floor. The outburst of the fire saw many guests reaching a state of panic and fear as it took approximately 30 minutes for the firefighters to bring the fire under control.las-vegas-fire-cosmopoliton-hotel

According to the Clark County Fire Chief Greg Cassell, the fire was reported to them at around 12.15 P.M. There were multiple 911 calls reporting the fire outbreak at the Cosmopolitan. The outbreak was wild and was tamed with the help of around about 110 firefighters. The Clark County Fire Chief added that the evacuations went through peacefully and most of the guests were evacuated without a scratch.

There are no reports of burns caused by the fire, but one individual was taken to the hospital owing to smoke inhalation as reported by the fire officials. The reports suggest that the fire consumed literally everything around the pool side, leaving nothing but ashes. Firefighters ensured that fire does not reach out to the other floors of the hotel. There is still no clear idea as to what led to the outburst of the fire around the pool at The Cosmopolitan.

The 14th floor of the hotel has been affected the most and is to stay shut along with the 15th Floor till further notice from the Fire Department owing to security issues. The investigators are looking forward to find out the source of the fire, which could have certainly taken a few lives if it were not for the Firefighters.

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