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Factory reset button added to Google Chrome

Now a single click can now turn Google chrome settings into its original state. Google announced that the browser can be restored to a “factory-fresh” state by the click of the new button.


The new “reset browser settings” when clicked would restore any saved search engines or customization to its original state, as mentioned in the browser’s help page. All bookmarks including themes, content, cookies,extensions and thumbnails will also be cleared.

The reason for the new button was mainly due to malware that would be hard to find once it has found its way into the browser. “Online criminals are increasingly using malware to hijack browser settings”, said Linus Upson, Google’s vice president of engineering. Upson had written in a blog post that these malicious programs disguise themselves so you wont know they are there and they may change your homepage or inject ads into the sites you browse.

Along with the release of the new reset button, Google will also be releasing a malware  download blocking feature, though the feature is available in Chrome’s bleeding edge canary release channel.

Upson also added that Google is in the process of adding 10,000 new URL  in a day to its Google Safe browsing service, which can notify users of Chrome, Safari, and Firefox about unsafe websites.


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