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Reddit AMA with theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, this Monday

The Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) has witnessed many science geniuses like Bill Nye and Neil DeGrasse Tyson, but the person who was on top of the wish list was Stephen Hawking. The good news is that the wish is going to come true as starting from the Monday morning; Physicist Stephen Hawking will answer the questions that you throw at him at Reddit AMA for more than a week.Reddit AMA with Theoretical Physicist, Stephen Hawking

The plot has a twist. This Reddit AMA session will not be like the usual ones, where in you throw in your questions and the answer to it comes soon. Instead, the users can put forward as many questions that a person wants to ask. Mr. Hawking will start answering the questions one by one in the following weeks.

The questions can be submitted starting from 27th July and the last question will be taken in before 11.59 PM on 4th August. The users will have exactly 9 days to inquire about anything on Reddit AMA with Mr. Hawking. The AMA will be hosted on the r/science subreddit.

The organizers of the Reddit AMA, Nokia and WIRED magazine has stated that the answers will be given in the coming weeks only to allow the 73 years old physicist enough time to provide the users with substantial information. The 73 years old theoretical physicist is one of the pioneers in his field. Sadly the man suffers from a rare disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). He was diagnosed at an early age of 21 years and since then has been a victim of slow paralysis.

The man communicates with the world with the help of a single cheek muscle, which is connected to a speech generating device. The analysts believe that this edition of Reddit AMA will see a variety of questions, with a considerable number aimed at Artificial Intelligence. Stephen Hawking believes that Artificial Intelligence will in future lead to the end of the Human Race.

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