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Microsoft Windows 10 to be vibrant, colorful; experts are still wary of sales

Microsoft Corporation’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) Windows 10 OS is very on the scene and it seems that the excitement is constantly on the rise. Windows 10 will see a direct jump of the operating system to the ultimate Windows operating system, with possibly the best features that we have had from Windows in the past. Some are calling Windows 10 just a cleaner and vibrant looking upgraded version of Windows 8. There is no doubt of the fact that Windows 10 will sport a much brighter display coupled with clean and easy to use interface.Windows 10 to be vibrant and colorful; experts are still wary of sales

What started with a simple blue background with a bright blue user interface has probably moved on to a more classic version with Windows 10. The truth is that Windows 8 can be considered as an early version of Windows 10, there are quite a lot of important features that come new to the upcoming operating system.

Microsoft Windows 10 brings in a vibrancy with respect to colors, a cleaner taskbar allowing the users to customize in a much better way, etc.. It also provides new icons, which will take the user experience to a new level altogether. Probably some of us are quite bored with the old school ‘My Computer’ icon or the ‘Recycle Bin’ icon.

According to the reports, Windows 10 will see the introduction of DirectX 12 and the new XBox gaming application, which is expected to take gaming on Windows to another level as well. Windows 10 is set to take user experience to a situation, where in you can always customize your needs to suit your requirements.

But the experts on the other hand, are still not very confident of the effect that Windows 10 will have on the market. With the constantly falling stats with respect to sales of PC, the fate of Windows 10 seems to be in a fix.

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