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iTunes Store, App Store, Apple Music services facing some issues

The technology giant Apple announced that the company is facing some issues with its most of the services such as App store, Apple Music, and other major services such as iTunes Stores.apple-id-usage-icons

Now, again the company is under fire due to some sort of technical issues in their algorithms, and this will affect the deals around the Apple Music, a subscription based audio and video services that the company launched last month. It seems that, Apple’ Infrastructure is not yet ready to accept any new services and also for the crush of listeners.

During the current outrage of services, Apple has included in its status page as below,

“We are investigating and will update the status as more information becomes available.”

U.S. regulators already issues subpoenas to the Apple Music services, and along with this current outrage, the company made a pretty statement as how people will believe the fee structure of the company for its Music services.

Like Netflix, Apple’s App store U.S version is better stocked and also frequently gets more experimental applications well before other places in this world. But, in case of Apple Music, the streaming services are little-bit recourse, while dealing with fee structures and all.

In addition to this, the company has restricted developers from advertising various availability of discounts to the consumers and also restricts them from completing transactions, right away from the customer directly. In the meanwhile, Consumer Watchdogs, called some of the agencies to look – whether Apple is trying to offer some sort of “restricted ad-supported streaming services”.

Also, right from July 17, something strange happened to the company’s App store ranking, and still its unknown, what happened to the ranking factor. The recent change in Apple’s algorithm impacted a list of iPad app developers in the U.S. version of Apple App Store.

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