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Grab from hundreds of top Apple iOS apps for just $0.99 each

Technology giant Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) providing a list of applications, almost hundreds of them for a jaw-dropping price, and at a very cheap price of just 0.99$ each. The offer is very well suited for those people, who always looks into stealing application in very low prices, and uses them in their spare time.app-store-deals

The company is not very loud regarding the sale of apps at very low prices, and it is still unclear that when this promotion will come to an end. I strongly suggest you all to search your favorite application on sale from the App Store and purchase your favorite ones with discounted price as soon as possible.

The company disclosed this offer on its App Store Twitter account before few days, and in that account tweet, it stated that “apps that are on sale are selected by its editors”. The most of the application belongs to popular category of the store, and it will be loved by the photography lovers, game lovers and others too. Apple has also disclosed “Free App of the Week” too, and this offer gives great fun for the users and also let the user’s hands to start playing games in their devices.

In app sale, “Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope 2, Real Racing 2, Goat Simulator, The Room Two, GoodReader and Pixelmator” are some of the most noteworthy offers that a user can get. These applications belong from different category, and the users can pick not only games but also from productivity, photo editing application and so on.

In the sale, most of the application comes with one-time cost, rather than paying many times includes in-app purchases, and you can consider them before buying the application from the Apple app store.

This move from Apple might be a big step from the company in order to gain some publicity for its app store and in future, it might boost the sales of the application in the store.

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  1. Apple has touted the fastest rollout of its iOS software ever. According to reports from iOS 9 is now installed on 50 per cent of devices capable of running the operating system.

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