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Google to shut down G+ app interstitial ads and so should others

The most common and annoying issue that we face nowadays is the invitation to download the application on the website that we are visiting. You might as well think that how can I even download your application and clog the memory of my device, unless you provide some serious information. The fact is that in today’s age, it is quite annoying if someone disturbs you at a point when you are trying to search for something important. The other fact is that it is due to this reason that many sites have failed to attract customers.google-plus-interstitials-app-add

According to the reports, in most of the cases, over aggressive advertisement and suggestions about how the users should go about their search has led the users to actually abandon the website. According to a normal user, it is he or she who decides the way he or she wants to perform the search. A few experts believe that the users nowadays are able enough to decide which is that better option and the companies should stop suggesting the best option for the users.

The survey, conducted by Google, shows that approximately just 9% of the visits made to the Google Plus website on mobile actually made way to the Google Plus mobile application. On the other hand, approximately about 69% of the individuals completely abandoned the website leading to addition to the number of non – returning users. Based on the results, Google Inc. has decided to put an end to the Google Plus application interstitial for an infinite period of time.

The experts believe that the marketing heads of the applications who go around giving the application interstitial, should in fact pay more attention to the data and the services that they have or provide. Once you have good information, you will for sure draw in more users.

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