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AT&T and DirecTV deal through as Judge and FCC approve merger

The much talked about merger deal between DirecTV (NASDAQ:DTV) and AT&T, Inc. (NASDAQ:T) is finally through after the judge and the Federal Communications Commission gave their approval. The $49 billion AT&T and DirecTV merger deals comes with a few conditions, which is expected to come to the aid of various individuals in the recent future.AT&T and DirecTV deal through as Judge and FCC approves

The judge gave the approval just a couple of days ago allowing the companies to go through with the deal on their terms. The talking points are the conditions put forward by the FCC.

A few experts believe that the terms of the acquisition are not worth the deal. But since the deal is already on, it is important for the customers to know, what things will be up to from now on. There will be no Sunday tickets for U-Verse and other extra facilities. On the other hand, there will be no changes in the prices of the existing plans. The number of channels and the facilities on offer will remain same at the same price. In a statement AT&T announced that quite a few new plans will be on offer soon.

On one hand, where some people doubt the worth of the deal, the AT&T and DirecTV merger might just come up as something good to a few people. According to the terms set forth by the FCC, AT&T will have to expand its fiber network considerably and bring in gigabit internet to the schools that are eligible. In addition, the company will also be required to introduce a few affordable internet plans for individuals with low income.

In addition, AT&T will also have to disclose any interconnection deals or agreements so that the fundamentals of Net Neutrality prevail and FCC can monitor the agreements as well. It will be interesting to see, how long AT&T can put up with the conditions and how things turn out in the future!

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