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Sending a self-destruct email on Gmail is now possible with Dmail

Although Google’s Gmail doesn’t provide the option to delete sent messages or send mails with self-destruct behavior, users can still send self-destructing emails in Gmail. Users can also delete the message that was already sent to the recipient – thanks to Dmail from team Delicious.dmail-self-destruct-email

Dmail is a Google Chrome extension which, upon installing, will allow Gmail users to send self-destructing emails to recipients. This will work at the recipient’s end with or without the Dmail extension. If installed, users can view messages inside Gmail, else they can only view messages on a web view.

However, Google recently has released a new feature to all Gmail users to recall sent emails in 30 seconds of clicking on the ‘Send’ button. But, with Dmail, users can delete the sent emails anytime. Even Dmail users can keep a self-destruct time to every email – like in an hour, a day, a week or never. Even if you have selected the ‘never’ option, you could delete the email at any time.

Download the Dmail Chrome extension from here.

More Details: Techcrunch | Official Site

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