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Google’s New Voicemail transcription to reduce error by 49%

Till date Voicemail transcriptions have not yielded the results that we want it to. In fact, more often than not, things have gone wayward with voice transcriptions. In fact, the reports suggest that till date Voice transcription from Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) has only been considered as good for rendering out information, but when considered with long talks, the Google’s Voicemail Transcription has failed miserably. There have been situations as well, when the words that came out seemed literally unreadable, without a speck of sense in it.google-voicemail-transcription

But according to the reports, things are probably in the course of a change with Google Voicemail now. Google has announced that the introduction a new voice transcription, which will be at least having 49% less errors compared to the past. The new Voicemail transcription is a part of both Project Fi and Google Voice. The reports suggest that the company is hopeful that the reduction in the error rates will add to the benefits of the various voice based services from Google.

The reports suggest that Google has made these changes after making a thorough study of the voice mails submitted by the users for research purposes. The voice mails were subjected to various research acts and were used to tune the natural language processing of the system. The improvements inducted by Google, used a “long short term memory deep recurrent neural network.”

Although the company has not set any benchmark in relation to what kind of improvement this 49% reduction in error points to, but still the users believe that it will be better that what we had in the past. We will have to wait and see how the new voicemail transcriptions turn out for Google Voice and Project Fi.

To start receiving improved voicemail transcriptions, you don’t need to do a thing — just continue to use Google Voice as you have been. For those not using Google Voice but want to give it a try, sign up for a Google Voice (or Google Voice Lite) account here, it’s quick and easy to get started.

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  1. Given all the errors, it seems like this article was created with a buggy voicemail transcription product.

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