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We’ll provide at least 10 years of Windows 10 support, says Microsoft

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has not had the recent few weeks the way they would have wanted. With the launch of Windows 10 nearing, one can certainly sense the anticipation growing, but this does not bring about the sense of satisfaction that is required. Windows 10 is making an entry into the scene, when the PC sales are on a constant decline.Windows 10

Now, some individuals state that the current decline in the PC sales is because of Windows 10 only. People are waiting for the product to make an entry. It is certain that there will be a slight boost after the launch of Windows 10, but whether it will be sustainable or not is a question.

The confusions regarding the launch of Windows 10 seem to be cleared out as companies like Dell, Lenovo, HP and Acer are gearing up to release complete new systems, with pre-installed Windows 10 on it. On the other hand, Yusuf Mehdi, vice president of Windows and device marketing stated that all the devices will not be getting Windows 10 on the same day. There are reports stating that the operating system is undergoing the final stages, before being sent to the manufacturers.

Companies have turned out with various different ways to aid the falling numbers of PC sales. HP has stated that they will be taking care of all the shipping costs for the products with Windows 10 preinstalled. Windows 10 will also be available with USB Flash Drives, which are already up for preorder. There are currently no reports as to when Windows 10 will be launched on DVD’s. A certain section believes the era of DVD installation is gone. Coming back to the point, it clearly seems that the launch of Windows 10 is going to be the major step toward Microsoft’s ‘One Windows on all device aim’.


The confusion regarding Microsoft’s lifetime support seems to have ended right about a week ahead of Windows 10 launch. The initial statement included Microsoft’s supporting of Windows 10 for a lifetime, but how to measure lifetime? In a corrected statement, Microsoft stated that the duration will be for about 15 years since the launch of the service. The first 5 years will have complete support and the next 10 years will hold all the major security fixes. The reports suggest that the service will be online sometime after the launch of Windows 10 on computers as well as on smartphones.

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  1. Anyone downloading MALAWARE from ads on this page will likely need a new OS.

  2. I just went through my Windows 7 updates and uninstalled update KB3035583. That made the damn "reserve Windows 10" disappear.

    Click on "Control Panel"; then select "uninstall a program"; then click on "View installed updates", then enter "KB3035583" in the tiny search window at the upper right of your screen. Once you've found "KB3035583" click on it and uninstall it. The Microsoft pestering to reserve Windows 10 should go away for good!

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