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Yahoo silently launches LiveText with unique video chatting feature

Yahoo! Inc (NASDAQ:YHOO) has gone about silently launching its new Messenger application with a very unique video chatting facility. Although it is not the video chatting that we are used to, but it does have an interesting vibe about it. The unique feature on offer will make you feel that you are chatting, sitting right amidst your friends.yahoo-live-text-app-395x222

Yahoo’s LiveText application went ‘Live’ earlier this month. As an addition to the messenger, Yahoo has added a unique video chatting feature unlike others. We have already seen video chatting facility in all the major social messaging application, but the one associated with LiveText is slightly different combining traditional text messages with a video devoid of an audio feed. Sounds interesting as it is, but the application will only be available for iOS users in Hong Kong.

Yahoo has stated that they are still experimenting with the messenger and thus the limitation of the update. According to the statement made by a Yahoo official, they presently do not have any further information regarding the application. Whatever it is is out in the open for the users to see. It will be interesting to see how iOS users of Hong Kong rate the application.

Talking about the unique feature of LiveText’s video chat option, the messenger allows you to see the expression on the face of the reader after reading your text message. Yahoo has claimed that LiveText is not just another social messaging application but is in effort to take staying in touch to a completely new level.

LiveText can be used under both mobile data as well as a wifi connection for the purpose of texting. The quality of video is still a question under mobile data. On the other hand, LiveText does not allow group chats and promotes direct conversations with one another.

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