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Street Fighter V offers all new DLCs for free, you have to earn them

Street Fighter V will be slightly different from its previous versions, which became clear as soon as it was announced as a single DVD game. The previous versions saw the game evolving in various stages in different time of the year. But this time things are going to be different and it has already made an impact among the gamers. The best possible thing is that Street Fighter V will allow the players to develop and evolve as they play along the game.street-fighter-5-player-selection

According to the announcement made by Capcom during EVO 2015 this weekend, the super, ultra and the hyper versions of will not be released this year. Instead, this time Street Fighter will be an ever evolving service. All you need is one disc and you will have access to the whole game as and when it is released. The makers on the other hand plan to bring in the balancing act and new levels and character later on as the game progresses as DLC. All you need to do is play the game after the initial investment.

According to the statement given by Capcom, the primary motto is to keep the interest going on during the short phases of the game. Unless you can keep the liked player for a short term, the possibility of the game to be a success in long term gets reduced. The players this time will enjoy much more freedom with the kind of choices that they make and the investments that they do.

The initial version of the game will include 16 characters out of which 4 characters have been introduced this season. The more you dig deep into Street Fighter V, the better things will become as stated by Capcom. Street Fighter V is all set to be launched next Spring.

Sony’s new content strategy in its words:

  1. The initial release is the only disc you will ever need to own
  2. All balance and system adjustments will be available for free
  3. All post-launch gameplay related content will be earnable for free by playing the game

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