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Americans do not have enough vegetable and fruits in their diet

According to a recent survey, approximately 15% of the population of the United States of America has fruits and vegetables amounting to what they are required to have. And the rest of the 85% are on fast diet. The current position where we find ourselves can lead to one statement that we do not have time. The situation is such that we do not have time to take in the food that we need. Instead, we find pleasure in stuffs like a Burger, French fries, etc.. But we seriously have no idea the impact it is having on us. fresh_fruit_and_vegetable_picture

Well, the situation is nothing new as for the last few years, the consumption of fruits and vegetables have been on a considerable low. If you think, 15% are low enough, the stats drop down to 7.5% in states like Tennessee and believe me, this is something to worry about.

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The reports came in from a survey conducted by the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention at CDC, led by Latetia V. Moore. Moore, who is also the lead author of the report, added that the numbers are quite shocking, considering the fact that we all are aware of the negative impacts this can have.

The doctors believe that the main reason behind the lack of fruits and vegetable in the normal diet is the lack of time to prepare them. We all are very busy and thus burgers and fries help us save time, in turn making us weak.The researchers said:

“Increased attention to food environments in multiple settings, including child care, schools, communities and worksites, might help improve fruit and vegetable intake, and thus help prevent chronic disease.”

The reports also suggest that only 13% of the population have a fruits and vegetable intake above the recommended tally, while 8.9% individuals have barely held on. Nutritionists believe that this habit of not taking fruits and vegetables will affect the generations to come, leaving them with various chronic diseases.

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