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Scientists discover shipwreck from 1700s in North Carolina coast

On Friday, Duke University, said that the scientists using sonar and underwater vehicles have found the shipwreck on the North Carolina coast that may be used in the American revolution. This report was led by the Duke marine scientist Cindy Van Dover, who has found the unknown wreck in around one mile-deep waters using a manned submarine and underwater robot this Sunday.nc-shipwreck-duke

The team, including North Carolina State University and the University of Oregon, who has found this unknown wreck has also found many artifacts like an unglazed pottery jug, glass bottles, an iron chain, and many navigational instruments like a metal compass. Archaeologists who have examined these artifacts and unknown wreck believe that this unknown shipwreck would have been since the late 18th century, which could be turn out to be a rare find.

Van Dover from the Duke University Marine laboratory stated in the news release that “This is an exciting find, and a vivid reminder that even with major advances in our ability to access and explore the ocean, the deep sea holds its secrets close”.

These scientists have the primary mission to study the behavior of deep sea ecosystems, were returning to an area named as Black Plateau which they have examined previously using Sonar. This expedition also includes archaeologists from the University of Oregon and North Carolina State University who have boarded vessel from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

The scientists have forwarded their report and data to the Atmospheric Administration’s Marine Heritage Program and National Oceanic, which will try to return that data to its date and identify the lost ship.

James Delgado, the director of the Marine Heritage Program said that the wreck sits around 150 miles offshore in the path of the Gulf Stream, which is also a maritime trade route from the centuries.

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