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Curious case of Casey Neistat’s Beme social iPhone app; Android coming soon

A new social sharing app, Beme comes with a tagline of “Instead of seeing the world with your eyes, you’re seeing it through your phone.” Casey Neistat and his team developed a new social sharing application named Beme that allows the users to be more focused when they are trying to capture your moment in order to share it on Instagram or in Facebook.beme-social-sharing-app-screenshot

Casey Neistat is famous for his fearlessness and also for his DIY-style videos, and also he is the one, who spray-painted an all-new Apple Watch. Apart from that, now he can add to his resume as “app developer” too.

In his recent video update for Beme application, he mentioned as

“Social media is supposed to be a digital or virtual version of who we are as people,” “Instead it’s this highly sculpted, calculated, calibrated version of who we are, told through filters that make our eyes bluer and carefully selected images to portray a version of who we are that doesn’t really resemble the reality of things.”

The main feature of Beme application is that, the user doesn’t need to look at the smartphone screen to record the video. By simply pressing the device against the user’s chest, the app uses the proximity sensor of the device to trigger the recording action. Currently the application is only available for iPhones and there is no version is available for the Android operating system. Beme for Android might come soon.

Matt Hackett, a co-founder and the chief technical officer at Beme and a former vice president for engineering at Tumblr said as

“I think of what we were trying to do at Tumblr,” “It was tricking you into sharing what you were doing without having to think of it as blogging. That’s what we’re doing here.”

In order to take a selfie or a vlog, the user need to press the device against the wall. This is strange, but it is the one and only way to activate the proximity sensor in the device. It is still unknown that how many people will press their phone against the wall – in the middle of a concert or during other times. In his video, Neistat clearly states that, “Everything you see, you see for the first time and the last time”. Therefore, once can’t see the video again, if they watched it earlier.

Mr. Neistat said in an interview.

“How would I look if I were just talking to myself in the mirror? If I’m in the stands at a U2 concert watching Bono, how can I capture this moment without interrupting it and making it fake? There’s nothing cute or tweet about it. We want you to feel like you’re taking a peek under the hood.”

In order to watch the video, the user should hold the person’s name similar to Snapchat, and they will automatically disappear when you have watched it. One more interesting thing is that, instead of sending a ‘like’ button, you can directly send selfies by tapping the screen of your device. The Beme app is available in the App Store, and in order to activate your account, you need the code from the Beme existing users.

[ Download app for iPhone ]

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