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Unconventional oil drilling increases hospitalization rate in that area

Oil Companies, involved in extraction and purification of crude oil have always been pointed out as the ones doing most of the damage to the people living in the nearby areas. A recent report suggests that the rate of hospitalization is way more in case of oil companies involved in purification of the oil.Fracking increases hospitalization rate, suggested by a survey

The results are more drastic, when we move on to oil companies involved in the act of ‘fracking’. In other words, in case you are living in one such area, you have a high chance of getting hospitalized with some or the other bad scenario.

The alarming report comes through from the study published in the journal PLOS One by the researchers from Columbia University and University of Pennsylvania. The researchers went around looking for hospitalization cases in Pennsylvania during a period of 2007 to 2011. The data were later compared to hospitalization rate, which showed a stark increase of 27% in the rate of hospitalization near oil companies and further more in places nearing oil companies involved with ‘fracking’ operations.

Fracking is the term associated with hydraulic fracturing, where in a mixture of oil, water and chemicals is used by oil companies to move through the layers of rock to get to the oil. The technique has been amidst controversies as various environmentalists have raised their voices against its use. Claims have been made in the past stating that ‘fracking’ can lead to various issues through water pollution and could lead to various fatal diseases.

The experts believe that the toxins that get mixed with the water bed of the nearby regions can lead to serious health issues like the Cancer of various forms, neurological trouble, heart diseases, etc.. Individuals are concerned that this can turn up to a health hazard of magnanimous proportions.

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