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iFixit teardown: GoPro Hero4 Session camera is impossible to repair

A teardown of the GoPro Hero4 Session camera by iFixit revealed the tiny components in the sealed plastic cube. Teardown experts gave the camera a repairability score of 1 out of 10 as the waterproof camera had several setbacks.gopro-hero4-ifixit-repair

The Hero4 Session camera comprises of miniature circuit boards, fairly tiny lens assembly in a completely sealed transparent plastic cube. The iFixit team began to remove the T4 Torx screws in the front of the cam, to reveal the lens cover. Unlike most water-proof devices, the lens was not glued to the case. On removing the glass cover, an o-ring has to be removed to further dissect the device.

“The interior components are a tetris’d tangle with no obvious ways to extract the battery,” said iFixit.

iFixit pointed out that the glass lens cover is probably the most likely part to break on the Session, but it’s also the easiest to replace. The team had to cut and peel down the rubber covering as there is no way to remove by prying the covers. Then, a clear plastic cube was revealed which had to be opened by flush cutters. The team also failed to remove the cap and a metal plate, and had to clip a portion of the plastic off.


The 1000mAh battery of the Session has been soldered into the motherboard and is glued to a bracket, to facilitate the waterproof feature. It was revealed that the camera housed a f/2.8 lens seen in the Hero4. The team said that the camera is not only a hassle to assemble, but also requires tearing, repairing and dremeling through rubber, plastic and glue, making its reassembly “infeasible.” The iFixit team gave the Session a low repairability score of one out of 10, indicating that it will be impossible for users to repair a broken unit.


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