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The Flock is an online horror game with an expiry clock

Most of the multiplayer games in the gaming industry come with a shelf life, people enjoy the games for a while and hype build among the users. Then the number of players in the games goes down rapidly and the multiplayer will ultimately get shut down due to less number of users. The new game entitled with “The Flock” enters into the gaming industry with a new look for shelf life, and changes the perspective what we look at the shelf life.the-flock-horror-game

The Flock is a multiplayer horror game, with a clock inside the game, which keeps on continuously counting down. The players in the game are monsters, and they are collectively referred as Flocks. These monsters will after the Artifact that transfers the persons into a new creature, who holds it. The main and ultimate aim of The Flock is to hold the artifacts for a longer period of time and also uses the Artifact’s lights to fight other monsters in the gameplay.

The Flock’s creative director Jeroen Van Hasselt commented on the premise behind the game as,

A multiplayer game can take players to incredible heights, but at some point gamers will start to play less, get disinterested and stop playing altogether; In opposition to other multiplayer games, we want The Flock’s experience to inspire a sense of awe, to keep players eagerly anticipating what is coming next and to end with a memorable climax.”

When a person dies in the game, the entire population in the Flocks game drops by one, when the population hits the number zero, after that no new players can able to purchase the game. Also, to make this one step further, once the clock has been depleted, the people who own the game will participate in the final “climactic finale”.  After that the game will be permanently shut down, and no one will able to play the game once again.

Later this year, the game will be released on Steam (PC version), and the game can be played at “Indie Arena booth at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany from August 6 to 9” as a demo.

The Flock gameplay trailer:

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