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Rise in tablet trade-ins by consumers to buy iPad Air

Online markets are seeing a surge in the number of customers willing to trade their Samsung Galaxy tablets and earlier versions of iPad to own an iPad Air.


Research has also reported that there has been a 585% increase in the tablet trade-ins after the release of Apple’s iPad Air. In a survey by sellmymobile.com it was found that one in six people (15 percent) were planning to trade-in their older tablet in the next three months. Another 78 percent were also planning to buy a new tablet after selling their earlier device and 38 percent will be purchasing an iPad Air after its launch on November 1.

Some consumers were also willing to upgrade to Google Nexus 7 (11 percent) and iPad Mini 2 (9 percent) which were ranked second and third respectively.The site also listed the tablets that topped in trade-ins with Samsung Galaxy Note and Apple iPad 2 topping the list.

“The new iPad Air sees one of the most significant changes to the iPad hardware that we have seen in a while – it’s light, thinner, faster and as tablets continue to increase in popularity, its not surprising that gadget-obsessed Brits are starting to upgrade then in the same way that we have seen with mobile phone in the past.” said Colin White, Managing director of sellmymobile.com.


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