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Apple iPhone 6s/7 Rumors Round-Up

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were released in the month of September last year, and after the massive launch from the company, Apple fans were eagerly anticipating for the Apple iPhone 6s. The trend is being increased and the rumors about iPhone 6s are fired-up day by day. It is not yet clear that what Apple will call its device in 2015, but it is highly anticipated that the company will stick to its “S” naming scheme.apple-iphone-6s-rumors

Some of the rumors say that Apple might call its upcoming device as “iPhone 7”, since there are quite a number of significant changes were found in the next-generation phone, but as we have seen so far, an “S” series device will come from Apple before it goes to its next model. It has been highly awaited device, and rumors were consistently saying that the device might come with enormous changes in the hardware of the device. Also states that the device exterior will remain the same as iPhone 6, and only interiors will be upgraded.

There will a change in its exterior, only color changes in the iPhone 6s, rumors say that Apple might also add a new color option to its iPhone lineups. Also, there is a rumor that iPhone 6s might come in pink color, and also it comes with same 7000 series aluminum as same as Apple Watch. The alloy is sixty percent stronger than the ordinary one, but it is lightweight in nature.

In the past, the “S” upgrades to Apple’s iPhones came with various sorts of features such as Siri, Touch ID, camera improvements and also comes with an all new processor. From this, we can also expect the same in the iPhone upcoming series such as iPhone 6s and also in iPhone 6s Plus.

According to the latest rumors, the new Next-Gen device comes with an all new processor and which gains more faster performance due to its faster A9 processors with 2GB of RAM, 4K video recording and also with 12 mega-pixels of the camera. According to the latest rumors, the latest processor will gain more processing speed and also helps the users to address any internal software issues, solves them internally itself.

A report from Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst suggested that Apple might use sapphire in an upcoming limited number of iPhone 6s Plus units, in case of drop test issues got resolved. He also added that, in addition with above things, Apple may include Force Touch in its upcoming device, also 7000 series aluminum will improve the rigidity of the device too. Upcoming iPhone 6s and 6s Plus comes with connectivity features such as NFC for Apple Pay, Wi-Fi and also with high speed LTE.

The device will come with same 16, 64 and 128GB storage options and also asked the suppliers to produce a record million units this year, and Apple has planned to avoid supply shortages too.

Leaked images on the internet with new case, shows us the device might come with a same look similar to the iPhone 6 model. Also image leak of its logic board says that the device powered by a Qualcomm MDM9635M LTE chip that allows the users to download at the speed of 300 MB/s. The new chip enhances the speed of internet connectivity and makes the device with 4G speed twice than that of iPhone 6.

Other rumors include the upgraded camera for the next iPhone from 8 megapixels to 12 megapixels. If this comes true, mobile photographers will have an added incentive to it. If Apple, Inc. stays on track and follows its own customs, we can very well see a new iPhone variant by September this year.

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