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Why Apple Watch is failing to capture the market?

Last two months for Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), has been really profound, since when it halted the supply of its most popular franchise, Apple Watch. However, the brand has not released any concrete statement on the same – and is itself trying to investigate the possible root cause behind the scene.Apple-Watch-logo-main1

Compared to its former launches, the latest Apple Watch was not able to contribute much to its sales, and this may be a huge success when it comes to other brands, but certainly it doesn’t live up to the standards that  Apple’s consortium has set for itself. We are going to list a handful of viable keynotes that could have affected Apple Watch’s quarterly sales.

1: The Apple Watch is Engineered To Be A Compromise

For any Smart-watch to be a show stealer, it is expected that it should matchup to the levels of Apple’s patent Apple Watch. A compromise made with its features is strictly unacceptable, but most evidently it has to be a similar kind of things with “the in-trend screen size and battery life”. That’s why some changes were necessary to be made in its design, since not everyone wants a wearable possessing distinguishable on-hand characteristics.

2: It’s Too Expensive

Apple series of iPhone and Apple Watch have always been a craze among the people round the globe and which is why; it has lucratively kept the bar-high. But now, since too much of the demand Apple Watch has been price tagged for $350 taking into account, its actual making cost $85, is freaking too much and can be considerate pavement in while analyzing its dropping sales.

3: A Beautiful Product Built On A Flawed Premise

An additional feature by which Apple makers thought of would make the Apple Watch stand out in the crowd, it seems had a totally opposite effect on its buyers. With the use of Apple Watch, you can get notifications diverted from your iPhone, although it doesn’t make any sense of carrying a wearable tied up to your wrist that’ll only tell you to check your phone to keep you updated with what’s going on with your iPhone.

4: Too Much Reliance on SIRI

Working with SIRI on Apple’s iPhone is an immense pleasure, but it’s taken to be altogether a different experience when it comes to the Apple Watch, because of the tiny display and not-so-good to go with battery life. Since it’s not at all worth for the computing technology that has gone behind integrating such a platform for Apple’s Customers, rather, it’s an irony while you have an iPhone or an iPad, Siri is expected to be the apps that can never disappoint its users worldwide.

5: The Apple Watch Feels Like It Was Rushed To Market

It is really unanticipated that the Apple Watch that was merely launched only a couple of months ago is getting a major update in its software category in terms of the watchOS 2, but with the subtraction of some of its key features such as Activation Lock, gives us a sensation that Apple Watch must have been rushed to the market to fill a gap in the tooth.

6: Fickle Fashion Market

The capricious fashion market was intended to be stalked with the divulge of the Apple Watch’s newest edition to it. Apple Watch is most tangibly a state-of-the-art facet that is currently available in the smartwatch market and not just another bit of technology.

There’s a thumb-rule in the fashion industry – highly rated – you should not wear the same thing over and over again, if you break this rule you’re considered out of fashion, and that’s where Apple is making the most out of the vicious trendsetter nowadays, successfully making it as a part of our life. Apple Watch is truly worth all the hustle-bustle, but when it comes to customizing the Apple Watch, according to our choice, it can be quite a task since it’s turned off most of the time to save power. And that’s another thing that’s clinging it back when compared to the iPhone or the iPad through which you can remarkably express yourself with its customization.

7: The Upgrade Path Is Short

Although Apple has decided to give a yearly intonation to its Apple Watch’s features, since it has to be a wearable and that will always be a compromise that has been made. With the addition of camera and cellular antenna  must have given the Apple Watch a more handsome look, butter.  We all know that it’s going to suck out more battery life out of it, which means that there’s a very less room for the device to evolve, rather will be an added factor that scale-down its points.


It doesn’t really seem a prominent year ahead with the unexpected reaction received by the Apple Watch released just a few months ago in the market. With other competitors and Apple itself is secretly hoping for the smartwatches to be the next great thing that can effectively spike up its annual revenue collection – didn’t raise up to its full potential due to some compromises that were made by the tech giant while it’s making.

But you can never say, the Apple watch can crash and burn tomorrow and, after a small dunk in its stock price, Apple would keep on making money just like that it was done before the Apple Watch.

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