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Wirelessly transfer Android contacts to iPhone without iTunes

Managing contacts in an Android operated devices is a very easy task, the main thing you need to do is that, you need to link your Google Account with your device. Also, you need to import and export all the contacts in your device.android-contacts-iphone

But the case will fail, if you were shifting right from an Android device to an iPhone, then the primary task is to move all your contacts from your Android device to the iPhone. You can easily perform this task, create an account in iTunes Desktop Application and do this.

But, the same till take so much of time and also it is a bit lengthy process. Here, I have shared an easy way of performing this task and by using this one, you can easily transfer all of your contacts to the iOS device wirelessly without using your desktop or using an iTunes account.

Apple has introduced all-new Google Contacts sync feature in the iOS 7, and it works excellently like a charm, and also provides one of the easiest way to sync your Google contacts with your iOS devices. All you need to do is that, you need to make some changes in the device settings and also you need to enter Google Account Credentials. Once the entire process has done, you can easily sync all of your contacts to your iOS device.

In order to perform this, you need to go to the Android Settings menu, and click over the account option. Now, select your Gmail Account and enable “Sync Contacts” option for your Google Account, to which you want to sync all your contacts.  Also press “Sync now” button to make it sync your contacts to your Google Account, and wait for a few moments until it gets synced. Now, all of your accounts were synced in your Google Account.

It’s time to import all the contacts to your iOS devices, Tap “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” in your iOS device, and click on Add Account, then select Gmail. Now enter your Gmail Credentials, and make sure Contacts option is enabled on your device. That’s all; now open Contacts, you can see all of your Google Contacts in your Contacts itself.

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