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Nokia wins Patent case against HTC in UK, plans to impose HTC One sales ban

Its the news of Nokia vs HTC now and the Finnish has almost won the patent war against Taiwanese company in UK. London’s Patents Court has found that HTC infringes one of Nokia’s patents.

Nokia won a patent case against HTC
Nokia won a patent case against HTC

As the Court found the infringe, Nokia is getting ready to pursue an import ban of HTC One smartphones in UK along with seeking undisclosed amount as compensation.

Nokia filed the lawsuit against HTC for using “modulator” to transmit data on their phones, which is patented to them. However, the Taiwanese smartphone maker still arguing that these “modulators” found in Qualcomm’s chips bought for HTC One and Qualcomm should negotiate with the licenses and HTC planned to appeal again for the wrong decision by the Court.

This argument seems to be very similar to the Netherlands’ lawsuit in last April, where Nokia won and able to impose ban on HTC One sales in the country. There, it fought against the violation of a patent related to the use of proprietary microphone. ST Microelectronics allowed HTC to use the microphone, which is supposed to be used in Nokia Lumia devices as per the deal. But, finally the ban was lifted after finding that HTC wasn’t at the fault.

HTC will also use the same strategy to lift the ban of sales of HTC One in UK and they said that Nokia shouldn’t sue Qualcomm on this issue and signed the agreement in U.S., so suing HTC is not good. But Nokia was very happy to see this decision by London’s Patent Court and one of the spokesman released the statement:

“This is the third court this year to find that HTC infringes Nokia patents, bringing the number of patents found infringed to four.”

You might think that Microsoft should intervene with this issue as it is acquiring Nokia smartphone business for $7.2 billion and HTC is one of their Windows Phone handset maker. But the thing to note is, despite the buying of Nokia’s business, Microsoft still not buying the patents from Nokia. It’s found that Nokia is also pursuing the similar case against HTC at Germany, Italy, Japan and the U.S..

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