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Scientists rescued a badly entangled humpback whale at Massachusetts coastline

A scientist  team from the “Center for Coastal Studies” has started researching about humpback whales over the shore of Massachusetts on this Saturday, when the team done a unsettling discovery.tow2

A humpback was washed over the shores of Massachusetts and it is seriously entangled in a rope, which prevents the humpback from moving, and also it made that could not swim.

The humpback got struck by the rope and was lodged in its mouth, also tied multiple times around its tail, this made the humpback not to swim, and prevent it by using its tail for defense too. According to the statement made by CCS, Provincetown, Massachusetts, the whale is “hogtied” effectively. In order to make the situation more worse, a great white shark of 15 foot-long was circling the whale, and also it made some bites over the body of the vulnerable whale.

Since the white shark is circling the whale, rescue team has arrived in order to rescue the same, finally rescuers worked to cut the rope from the whale’s body. Finally, the rescuers made the humpback to swim back again, and finally humpback whale freed from the rope, and sped off to the sea.

According to official website of The Marine Animal Entanglement Response team,

Over the years CCS has also disentangled other marine animals, like dolphins and porpoises, seals and sea turtles. If you want to help support these endeavors, please consider becoming a member. While rescue techniques may help with species recovery, CCS recognizes that the best solution is a preventative one. CCS has consistently contributed research and knowledge to the effort of understanding and reducing the rate of entanglement of large whales.

Till now, more than 200 large whales were freed by the Marine Animal Entanglement Response team and other animals such as dolphins, sea turtles and so on. The people around Massachusetts are asked to report for any entanglement to “the Marine Animal Entanglement Response Hotline (1-800-900-3622) or the U.S. Coast Guard”.

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