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California Governor to be in Vatican City to talk over Climate Change

California Governor Jerry Brown is all set to make his statements on issues like Climate change and modern slavery as the governor will be travelling to the Vatican City later this month. The California Governor will be in the Vatican City to attend the two day event conducted by Pontifical Academics of Sciences and Social Sciences. The two day event will start on July 21 with Pope Francis amidst the main dignitaries.California Governor to be in Vatican City to talk over Climate Change

The reports suggest that the main focus of the meet will be the modern day environmental challenges that we are facing and the failure that we have witnessed in efforts to protect the environment. In the recent past, the Pope had released a teaching document named ‘Encyclical’, where he condemned the international lawmakers. According to his document, the international lawmakers have failed miserably to adopt a longstanding and effective policies to protect the environment.

California Governor has stated in his recent statement that the world in on a collision course with fossil fuels and it is high time that we make some serious efforts to reduce the greenhouse gasses. Brown is also working hard over a bill, which will boost California’s use of renewable sources of energy to approximately about 50%.

The California Governor on the other hand has his backs against the wall as various environmentalists have questioned his aggressive actions with regard to the hydraulic fracturing of natural oil and gas. The administration of the state of California under Governor Brown, has plans to build massive tunnels to move water from North California to South California to aid his oil explorations. Environmentalists believe that this would lead to massive loss to the local flora and fauna resulting in deaths of innumerable native species of animals and plants.

The event at the Vatican City will be attended by quite a few eminent global personalities including Pope Francis, officials and representatives from the United Nations, government officials from various nations from around the globe. The meeting in the Vatican City seems to be an effort to reach some common agreement amidst the major leaders before the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris this December.

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