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The access to Mouna Kea to be restricted by Hawaii officials

The officials of Hawaii vowed on Friday that they will affect an emergency rule for restricting the access to Mauna Kea. This step has come in response to the protest against construction of a massive telescope on the mountain that is believed to be holy.hawaiian-telescope-construction

A voting score of 5-2 was received by The Board of Land and Natural Resources yesterday. It will be imposed for 120 days that would restrict the people from being within a mile of access road to Mouna Kea. There would be certain hours to be allotted for the restriction. The rules would apply only to the pedestrians and not for the moving vehicles.

The rule has also imposed a ban on camping gear within a mile of the Mouna Kea. The government is not being complacent about the unrest among the people about the construction of a giant telescope on Mouna Kea. They understand the sentiments of the people and are also aware that further protests can be carried out. This is the major reason for the imposition of the rule.

Most of the protestors were totally against the rule and claimed that the imposition of rule would pose a big problem in the place. According to Kaipo Moris, “So if you’re trekking miles, and you’re caught in inclement weather, you may not have the time to go down the mountain. It doesn’t just affect protectors, it affects astronomers and photographers, too. It’s such a broad spectrum of rule. Even the hunters are affected!”

The meeting took place yesterday and it ran for eight hours. More than a hundred people testified to the same. An executive session was started at 9 p.m. and the deliberations followed after 10 p.m.

Even though the rule was in place, protestors have still vowed to keep a vigil on the mountain. This is in response to the government approval on the making of the Thirty Meter Telescope on the mountain. However, for native Hawaiians Mouna Kea is sacred and constructing a telescope there would hurt their sentiments a great deal.

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