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Amazon unveils Fling SDK to create apps to send media from mobile to Fire TV

The battle for the second screen is entering into a new battlefield with a new competitor, Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN). The online shopping giant has released its Fling software that allows the developers to create applications for the Amazon Fire TV’s Set-top box.amazon-fling-demo

The roll out is a pure catch-up move by the e-commerce giant, Amazon. Both Apple and Google are concentrating on their own operating system, but Fling is entirely an innovative one. The idea is simple, if your device supports Fling application, then you can directly transfer your videos and audios to the set-top box irrespective of the operating system.

This move from Amazon would be a bit late to the second screen battle, but Amazon comes with a nice plan while comparing to its competitors.

What would be the real use for Fling?

If you want to watch Netflix on your mobile, you can directly transfer them into a big screen from your smartphone, if it supports Fling application. All you have to do is that, tap over the Fling icon on the mobile screen and sit back, watch them on the big screen in front of you.

Amazon Fire TV set-top box comes with a price tag for $99 and allows you to easily watch Amazon Instant Video, Netflix and HBO Go on your TV without any hassle. In case, you’re adverse to remotes, you can use voice commands for searching your favorite TV shows and music channels. Also, if you don’t feel like using Smart TV applications, this will be an excellent option to move on. It saves you from the major headache such as OEM updates.

If you own an Amazon’s Fire TV, then you can try from Fling, it works on all sorts of major operating systems such as iOS, Android operating system, Windows Mobile operating system and so on.

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