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Bumblebees on the verge of extinction due to the climate change

A team of researchers from the US, Canada and Europe unveiled the position of bumblebees in the nature. It is extremely sad news that bumblebees are on the verge of extinction due to the changing climate in the world. The study also revealed that the climate change is affecting the nature and destroying its habitats at a very strong pace.bumblebees-science-journal

Global Warming is an alarming issue considering the number of changes that are inflicted on the nature because of the same. It has reduced the natural ranges of bumblebees in most parts of North America along with Europe.

Bumblebees always look for a cooler place for survival and since they are not given such climate, they cannot simply cope up with it. Butterflies also need a cooler place for survival and hence they moved to a higher ground.

However, bumblebees haven’t done so and if global warming goes at the current pace, it will be no long until bumblebees become extinct from our planet. The bumblebees shifted from the southern ranges, but haven’t set their travel to the north as of yet.

According to the researchers, there are 67 kinds of bumblebees numbering up to 420,000. The data are based on the records between 1901 and 2010. The researchers are of the belief that temperature change affected the lives of bees in the south, North America as well as Europe. It implies to a reduction of 9 Km per year from the original southern habitats of bumblebees.

“Bumble bees are important for agricultural crops, particularly tomatoes. Bumble bees can increase cherry tomato production by about three times,” Rich Hatfield, a conservation biologist with the Xerces Society and Bumble Bee Watch, said. “They’re also high value to crops like peppers, eggplant and blueberries.”

The major reason for the bumblebees to stop going further up north is their inability to multiply while on the move. Bumblebees play a very important role in the nature as they help pollinate food crops, other wild flowers as well as plants.

According to Dr. Sacha Vignieri, an associate editor of the journal Science, “This paper is important because it reinforces the understanding that species will not all be able to shift their ranges in order to adapt to a changing climate.”

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