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Automakers to limit data sharing with tech partners like Apple and Google

Carmakers have made informed its technology partners like Apple and Google that the data from drivers wont be shared. Apple and Google are likely to use the data for targeted advertising, a variety of products and services, and the data from automakers will extend their reach.

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Automakers from General Motors (GM) to Volkswagen have planned to limit data sharing, and use the data for their own revenue generation. Some auto companies have stated that they would not provide infotainment systems with data from functional systems like steering, brakes, throttle and the distance the car can travel, before running out of fuel.

“We need to control access to that data,” said Don Butler, Executive Director of Connected Vehicles at Ford Motor company.

As smart cars are gaining traction, the competition on who gets the control also makes the tech partnership tense. However, policies on data sharing vary from company to company as they could monitor driver’s behavior while driving, and provide insurance accordingly. Consultant firm AlixPartners indicated that digitally connected cars would generate revenues up to $40 billion per year by 2018, up by $16 billion per year in 2013.

General Motors is set to generate an extra $350 million in the next three years as it is working on high-speed data connections in its upcoming cars. Ford has developed its own infotainment system called SYNC 3. The move indicates not only the protection of the consumers’ privacy, but also monetization by their own. Apple stated that the data is anonymized, not connected with Apple services, and not stored by Apple, so no one can build a profile about the driver or their travels.

Google stated that their only aim is to integrate data, for improving driver experience. Google has given the option of sharing data with third-party app providers, for products and services.

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  1. This whole article is a joke. Sync is a Ford product not a GM.

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