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Facebook now allows users to prioritize the News Feed

Recently, the social media giant Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) announced that they were updating the controls on what the user can see, so that the users can see the stories they most want in their News Feed. In order to get into the News Feed Preferences, the user needs to tap on “More” option in the bottom right corner of the Facebook Mobile app. Under “Settings”, the News Feed Preferences can be found.facebook-news-feed-prioritizing-screenshots

The users can prioritize the stories in their News Feed by using News Feed Preferences and they need to tap on their friends’ profile in the settings.

In the Facebook official blog, Jacob Frantz, Product Manager posted as,

We’re always working to improve and personalize your News Feed experience. We know that ultimately you’re the only one who truly knows what is most meaningful to you and that is why we want to give you more ways to control what you see. Last year we announced some new ways to control what you see in News Feed. Today we are announcing even better tools for you to actively shape and improve the experience.

Facebook started to create controls after getting a feedback from users in the month of November 2014, and after that, it comes with a change that allows users to “see a few updates from certain pages or a person”. But still, users see various random posts from their friends and other pages.

Thursday, the social media giant has rolled-out out a new feature that allows the users to personalize the entire content that populated in their News Feed. The primary feature of this update is that, users can prioritize the post that they want to see most using “prioritize who you see first”.

Also, a new content discovery tool allows users to populate Pages in the News Feed, which are almost similar to the ones which users has been ‘liked’ in the past. The entire update comes for iOS devices and the Facebook iOS app has the ability to tailor various contents in users’ News Feed and increase the user experience too.

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