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This weird-yet-successful Steam game is coming to PS4 and Vita on July 21

As the name suggests, Hatoful Boyfriend is quite a weird game, but its popularity in the gaming industry cannot be ignored. Hatoful Boyfriend exercises huge following among its fans around the world. This game has been a huge hit among the critics as well.hatoful-boyfriend-game

In the game, you are given the control of a girl whom you direct to date pigeons instead of boys. This makes the game all the more interesting. Hatoful Boyfriend takes you to a post-apocalyptic world that is ruled by birds and you are asked to be in a high school with pigeons. This is the main theme of the game.

The game met with huge initial success when it was launched back in September 2014. There had been a huge buzz involving the game past that time. Hence, it pushed the developers to launch the game for the PS4 and Vita platforms. The game will be released on the mentioned platforms on 21st of July. Both the consoles will acknowledge the presence of Hatoful Boyfriend.

The game is way more than just being about a girl who gets through high school with pigeons on a post-apocalyptic world. The story of Hatoful Boyfriend calls for excellence and once you have dealt with stalkers and rivals, you may also receive a threat from some doomsday device in the new PS4 and Vita versions.

The brand new romance option that is embedded in the PS4 and Vita version of the game makes the game even more interesting. The romance option will come up with the introduction of Tohri, an avian character. Tohri will also play an important role in the sequel to this game, which will be called as Holiday Star. The sequel will be on floors by the latter end of the year and will also be available for PC, PS4 and Vita.

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