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This is why giant pandas spend a lazy life

Have you ever wondered why giant pandas are super lazy? They maintain a good diet of plants but are quite lazy at the same time too. The scientists and researchers have come out with a reason for the same. According to them, the lower level of hormone produced within pandas gives them a capability to keep the low metabolism.giant-lazy-pandas-eating-bamboos

The metabolic rate of the giant panda is controlled through the thyroid. If thyroid fails to manufacture enough of one particular hormone, then the entire metabolism comes under risk. According to the researchers, this is the case by design.

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Fuwen Wei from the Chinese Academy of Sciences confirmed that this nature of giant pandas has been achieved naturally over a period of time. She stated, “Giant pandas achieved this low metabolism through a suite of morphological, behavioral, physiological and genetic adaptations during their long evolutionary history.”

Many people thought that the reason for the same can be other natural factors like environmental issues, etc. However, a complete different story has come out with the new research.

The study also explained why giant pandas possess low metabolic rate and low energy level. Giant pandas carry small organs that are smaller than their counterparts. Hence, the raw energy output value becomes low. Lower raw energy output implies to the fact that giant pandas don’t require to be very active and hence their nature is quite lazy.

According to the study, “the metabolic rate of an active panda is still lower than a completely stationary human.” This was another surprise given by the study. The study also proves that giant pandas are the one of the laziest animals on the planet. The blame can be imposed on their body design.

The population of big pandas has come down to 1,800, which is alarming. Big Pandas have universally been described as endangered species and the conversationalists are going out of their way to preserve these beautiful lazy creatures.

The journal has been published in Science Magazine. [ Via ]

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