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Google Plus sees 58% jump in users, now has 300 million active users says Google

Google+ in the recent months has noticed a 58%  jump in the users, said Google on Tuesday.

“Google+ has 300 million active users, up from 190 million users in May,” said Vic Gundotra, Head of Social at Google. He also mentioned that users who have interacted with Google services has gone up to 540 million from 390 million in the past 30 days. About 1.5 Billion photos are also being uploaded to Google+ and adding up which Gundotra called it “an amazing rate” during an event.

However Google did not mention the number of photos being shared by users on Google+, though Bradley Horowitz who is the vice president of product management at Google said it was a “very big number”. Several new Google+ features were revealed on Tuesday that are focused on sharing photos on the social network, searching and enhancing them.


Google+ had been striving hard to compete with Facebook when the company launched it social network service in 2011. More than 1 billion users are active in Facebook, while there are about 230 million users in Twitter.

Google is developing its social network Google+ in a way it can provide integrated services like Gmail and YouTube by identifying and authenticating users, said Horowitz. “Both missions are harmonized” he added.

Google CEO Larry Page was keen on offering a social networking service when Facebook was in the process of hiring and readied  itself  for IPO during 2012. In the recent weeks, Google’s shares have also plunged above $1000 as Google’s shift has been encouraged by Wall Street.


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