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Apple rolls out iOS 9 Beta to consumers: What to expect?

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has released iOS 9 Beta to consumers, about two months before the final version of the OS is released. The public will be able to test out the new features in compatible Apple devices, and it marks the first time Apple is releasing to the consumers, as opposed to app developers.apple-ios-9-ipad-iphone

Some apps may even crash or might not work, and it is not advisable to try out the beta version on the primary Apple device. However, users willing to try out the version can back up the data using the latest version of iTunes, prior to installation. Improvements in Siri and HealthKit are expected, and Apple News app makes it debut. These features were unveiled at the WWDC 2015.

News app “follows over a million topics” and pulls in news based on specific interests, without compromising privacy, according to Apple. Eddy Cue, Apple senior vice president of Internet Service and Software stated that nearly 20 publishers representing more than 50 titles have joined Apple News till now. Siri will be more intuitive virtual assistant: For instance, it can bring up music apps when the headphone is plugged in or respond better to context cues in general.

HealthKit will come with new tracking functionalities for sun exposure, reproductive health and hydration. iOS 9 will include smarter searching, dual-screen multi-tasking and watching videos with picture-in-picture mode. Battery life is set to get better with low power mode. The beta version is likely to carry bugs, and backing up data or installation on a secondary Apple device is recommended.

Apple hopes that consumers will report the bugs in advance, giving it time to  make the OS ready for its final release. Major bugs are expected to be sorted out, before the final release of iOS 9.

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