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Twitter updates Vine for iOS with HD video uploads

Twitter-owned (NYSE:TWTR) Vine, a video sharing application comes with a serious enhancement bump. After series of features upgrade in Twitter, now Vine got its own one. The upgrade comes for iOS devices, which allows the users to capture 6 and 12-second video from their device and share it other folks who were using the Vine app on their iOS device.vine-hd-videos

In Vine, video quality setting found in the app’s setting menu, under sub category named as “Your Content”. Now, iOS users can upload video with quality of 720p, and still, there is no official information about its HD video services to other platforms, including Android.

Just similar to Facebook owned Instagram, which starts to support 1080p image uploads on its platform, Vine comes with an additional enhancement, and starts to service for every smartphone which has 1080p HD display. Vine video upload started at 480p resolution, but in the same way, the video clarity is gradually improving in terms of its quality.

In Vine Official site, Kristian Bauer(@kristianbauer), an iOS Engineer has posted as,

If you want to find people you know on Vine, you can still connect to Twitter and your address book as well. With this release, we’ve also introduced a new quality setting that you can use to have your Vines posted in HD. Tap on the Settings gear from your profile page, and then tap on “Your Content” to see this new option.

Few things, that users need to know about the current update is that, video resolution change is not an automatic one. The user need to change them in the “Your Content” section, and “Suggested Vines” section helps the users to find more people in the application. The move from Vine might increase its audience among the non-users, and a limitation of the HD video is not for non iOS users. It is highly expected that Vine will soon release the roll out for Android users too.

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