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WikiLeaks posts confidential emails of Hacking Team, governments in trouble

The impact of WikiLeaks creating a searchable database of 400 GB filled with private e-mails and source code has put most of the major governments in a position of uneasiness. The reports suggest that an Italian group, the Hacking Team made some serious breach and then dumped all the private information directly into the internet available to all. The database can be stated as a virtual can of various malicious items along with information that in contains.WikiLeaks dumps confidential data online

The information contained in the database provides information directly linking various foreign governments all across the globe. In the past, claims have been made stating that the Federal Bureau of Investigation spent around $800,000 for the software updates and upgrades to the Galileo Remote Control System. The information contained in the database gives a solid indication about the reports being true. The Galileo Remote Control System is an intrusion software that can be used to invade anyone’s private system in stealth mode.

Countries that claimed that they were not peeking into the personal lives of their people might just find themselves in an uneasy corner. According to the published information, some counties were working for the purpose of spying on their citizens with a Milan based surveillance software organization.

In an interesting revelation, it seems that the Mexican government was one of the major customers of the Intrusion system. The report also suggests that various organizations have spent more about $350,000 to $1 million to gain access to the intrusion system.

WikiLeaks has ensured that the users can check that whether their emails were on the radar of their respective governments or not. What makes things more interesting is the detailed report based on the actions of the Galileo Remote Control System. The Hacking Team has also released a video based on the effects of the Galileo RCS and the situation that individuals can find themselves in.

The information dumped online by WikiLeaks might just stir up a few questions regarding the privacy of individuals over the internet. While, some governments claim that the surveillance is for the betterment of the people, various activists find this unlawful and unethical. One will have to wait and see how far the ripples go!

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