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SpaceX rocket, on the way to Space Station, explodes after take-off

A SpaceX Falcon 9  rocket exploded shortly a few minutes after its countdown, after its launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on Sunday. SpaceX is set to announce the cause of the Falcon 9 rocket failure by the end of the week.spacex-rocket-explodes

CEO Elon Musk stated on Twitter that the preliminary conclusions would be posted on the website, after briefing the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA is overseeing the investigation, is the key customer. Stakeholders have been contacting the company for details about the mishap, and what went wrong. The company has carried out several successful missions for NASA, but this launch turned out to be a disaster.

“Having three (failures) this close together is not what we had hoped for,” said Mike Suffrendi, worldwide Space Station program manager.

The Falcon 9 rocket exploded after about two minutes, after launching the robotic Dragon cargo capsule toward the orbiting lab. Preliminary investigations revealed that the rocket experienced excess pressure in the upper stage liquid tank approximately 139 seconds into flight. The complete investigation is expected to take months. The explosion is Falcon’s first in 19 flights.

The Dragon capsule carried about 2,500 kg of food, clothes and a new equipment, for installation at the station. Last October, Orbital Science Corp.’s supply cargo was destroyed during launch, and senior official at NASA Willaim Gerstenmaier stated that no negligence had occurred. He added that this mishap will help them understand the cause of failure and rectify them in the future.

In September, NASA announce its partnership with SpaceX and Boeing Co., for transporting astronauts back and forth from the Space Station in 2017. The latest reports indicate that the supplies on the Space Station could last about four more months. In April, a Russian resupply cargo ship lost control and burned up on re-entry.

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