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Potentially lethal Portuguese Man-of-War Jellyfish invades the New Jersey shore

An extremely lethal jellyfish has washed up ashore near New Jersey shore ahead of the holiday weekend. The dangerous jellyfish known as Portuguese Man-of-War has been spotted across the coast, an authorities have warned to steer away from these dangerous creatures.portuguese-man-of-war-jellyfish

The jellyfish can be very lethal depending on the age of the victim, and the area of the sting. The cute but deadly creature has been spotted for over 25 times on the beaches of Long Beach island and Stone Beach. It was reported that a dead Portuguese Man-0f-War jellyfish was washed on Long Island beach on June 21. Scientists believe that the jellyfish was likely to be pulled by the strong gulf stream to New Jersey as they are native to warmer waters near Australia or Mexico.

“It probably came up with the Gulf Stream and then we had a little bit of a north swell move in,” said John Tiedermann, director of Marine and Environmental Biology Policy Program at Monmouth University.

Though they have a gelatinous appearance, scientists say that they are not jellyfish. They are a group of ethereal creatures related to jellyfish known as siphonophores. Their lethal tentacles are capable of extending anywhere from 10 to 30 feet, and some can even reach up to 160 feet. The body of the jellyfish-like creature resembles a plastic bag as it is filled with water.

The dangerous creature has the ability to blend into the sand, and authorities have warned the beachgoers  to be alert near the shore and in the water. Several times, people have been stung by the creature while walking or by stepping on it, and they know that they are unavoidable. However, officials want the people to be aware of the surroundings, and how to treat a sting.

The symptoms of the sting include severe pain and rashes. In case of a sting, officials advise to move to dry land, remove the tentacles and remnants, apply ice to reduce the swelling, or apply a topical treatment like benzocaine or orlidocaine, if necessary.

Learn more about these creatures from here. Watch the NatGeo video about Portuguese Man O’ War jellyfish:

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