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OnePlus gives away Google Cardboard VR headsets for free; sold out soon

Smartphone-maker OnePlus is about to launch its second generation device and in order to grab the attraction of everyone; the company is selling Google’s Cardboard for free with a shipping cost of about $5. The company modifies Google’s Cardboard, a virtual reality headset and offers them as “giving away”. The headset comes with a zero-price tag, plus a $5 charge for shipping, offers a cheap way to experience virtual reality.oneplus-2-cardboard-free


Update: Currently, OnePlus Cardboard is out of stock in the OnePlus website, be persistent until  the stock arrives again.

This might be a better way to get people’s attention and more audience for an “up-and-coming company”. OnePlus, a Chinese smartphone manufacturing company well renowned for manufacturing cheap handsets, with beast configurations.

According to the company, it is not making any money by selling the cardboard kit, instead it loses money from each sale. Of course we know it – it’s just a marketing strategy to build the brand name, out of its already built loyal fanbase. On July 27, OnePlus is launching its second flagship device – OnePlus 2. Hence, the marketing target accomplished, almost.

When Google launched the cardboard headset do-it-yourself kit, many third-party cardboards popped up and garnered more customers too, and Google was happy for the response. The search giant has also made its cardboard viewer’s specification open source so that any manufacturers around the world can produce the DYI headsets.

If you are lucky enough to own OnePlus cardboard headset for free (plus a $5 shipping charge), or you want to buy the DYI kit from any other manufacturers, you could start experiencing the virtual reality from your Android smartphones by downloading ‘Google Cardboard’ app from Play Store, then downloading any of the 32 selected applications to your phone – it’s very simple. Google’s Cardboard can also work with Apple iPhones as well, all you have to do is, download the iOS app from the App Store.

In OnePlus official website, the company announced as,

This is not a product; it’s an initiative. We aren’t making any money by offering OnePlus Cardboard. In fact, we are losing money with each one. There will come a day in which we will be able to travel the world and experience amazing things without ever leaving the comfort of our homes. OnePlus Cardboard exists to drive this idea forward.

The modified version of Google’s Cardboard looks similar to the original version of the original one. But, the thickness of the material is less iterated and is 20 percent smaller than that of Google’s Cardboard. It is coated with dirt- and oil-resistant film, to provide longer life time.

The OnePlus’s Google Cardboard starts to ship from next week. To order the device, first you need to create an account on OnePlus’ official website and you can able to buy it. If you want to try out yourself, you can easily make your own version of Google Cardboard from the link. Happy crafting, folks, enjoy.

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