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Chevrolet to launch cars with dedicated mini ACs for smartphones

Chevrolet is taking air conditioning in your car to another level all together. With the heat rising during the summer every year, Chevrolet will now provide you with the opportunity to keep your favorite electronic device cool. Yes, I am talking about your smartphone. According to the reports, Chevrolet will be rolling out the first car with an active cooling system especially built for your smartphone. Now, you do not need to worry about your smartphone being heated while you are on the move.Active Phone Cooling

The main idea is to provide a cooling system for your smartphone when it gets hot during the summer months, while you are riding your car. With the upcoming model from Chevrolet, you can now stack your smartphone in a bock under the dashboard, which has been designed specifically to keep our device cool. There is a dedicated air conditioner vent into the system that allows your smartphone to cool down. The car makers state that the design is clean and does not bring about any extra complications.

“Over time, regular overheating can do permanent damage to the lithium ion batteries that power our smartphones. I always recommend keeping your phone in a cool, ventilated place, where it can stay at a comfortable room temperature, whether it’s charging or discharging,” said Jeffrey Van Camp, deputy editor of Digital Trends.

The reports suggest that Chevrolet will be bringing in the active cooling system to the upcoming 2015 Impala, Cruz, Malibu and Volt models. The cars will also come in with a wireless charging facility in order to provide its users with the best possible service. But the trouble with the wireless charging facility is that not all smartphones come with the feature. In fact, the number of smartphones with the wireless charging feature is countable.

It will be interesting to see how the consumers respond to the upcoming active cooling system for the smartphones. We presently have no idea what kind of effect it will have on the price of the cars.

Demo Video of Chevrolet’s Mini AC for Smartphones:

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