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Singapore vows to become the greenest capital of the world

On one side in Shanghai, we’re witnessing huge protests over the worst ever pollution in China, and on the other side, Singapore PM has claimed to make the country greenest capital of the world by 2030. The Deputy Prime Minster of Singapore, who is also a member of the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Climate change said, “for a very small country with limited alternative energy options, the stabilization of our emissions with the aim of peaking around 2030 requires serious efforts by everyone.”singapore-green-city-roads

The statement came yesterday and it has encouraged the people in Singapore and the rest of the world to go green. The greenhouse gas emissions in Singapore accounted to 46.83 million tons of carbon dioxide in the year 2010. Singapore plans to regulate these emissions and by the end of 2030, it plans to curtail the CO2 emissions to 65 million tones. It has also vowed not to encourage any more increase in the carbon dioxide emissions.

Currently, Singapore is responsible for only 0.11 percent of the global emissions. It is interesting to note that Singapore is a big contributor to global trade and its accounts to 2.2 percent in the whole world. The country has proved to be a role model for the countries aspiring to go green.

The Deputy Prime Minister also indicated that ‘best-in-class’ technologies will be used by the industries in Singapore for improving the energy efficiency and cut down the emission rate.

He is confident that the country will become greener economically by cutting down the amount of greenhouse gas emitted in order to achieve a better GDP. The announcement was made prior to the Paris talks in December which focuses its attention on raising awareness about global warming.

Professor Subodh Mhaisalkar, who is also the executive director of the Energy Institute at Nanyan Technological University welcomed the announcement made by the Deputy Prime Minister of the country and expressed that more efforts would be needed from people and businesses for curing the emission problem. He said, “We have already reduced our energy intensity substantially by changing from fuel oil to natural gas. Going forward, it will definitely be more challenging.”

Scientists and analysts around the world have pressed the fact that an urgent action needs to be put in place for evading the threat of global warming. If the recent trend of emissions continues, it will not be too long until Earth becomes very prone to droughts, floods and natural disasters.

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