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Facebook Inc aims to develop Telepathy and thought transmission tech

What if it was told to you that you can post your thought on Facebook by just thinking about it? Well, it seems that Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) is probably working on something like this, or let us say ‘Telepathy’. With the kind of advances that we have in the field of Artificial Intelligence, the day is truly not far away when we might as well see the rise of robots like in Terminator or cases of mind control leading to a stealth warfare. Well, all of this is still a theory, but Mr. Zuckerberg might just have a few things to add.facebook-telepathy-tech

According to the announcement made during the normal Q&A sessions by Mark Zuckerburg, Facebook is currently working in the field of thought transmission. Yes, you read it right; we are talking of thought transmission. According to the theory, whatever you think right now can be directly transmitted to your friends and they might as well feel it.

This surely sounds a bit terrific, but Facebook’s all three Artificial Intelligence labs are currently working on a related technology. Facebook’s CEO thinks that this will allow us to have a richer relationship with the ones we love and vice versa.

In fact, this is not the first time that we have heard of transmission of message from one brain to another one directly. In the past, same sort of announcements have been made by the Harward Medical School and University of Washington. Experiments show that Scientists have been able to transfer messages from one rat to another one, an interaction between a human and a rat, etc. It was two years ago, when the two messages were exchanged between two human brains at the University of Washington.

It can be easily stated that Facebook is messing with unknown waters with its experiments, but on the other hand, Facebook has recently launched a few projects, which is expected to give internet speeds a substantial boost. According to the reports, Facebook is looking forward to put through internet to the areas where Facebook’s internet.org could not reach.

In fact, Facebook is actually planning on using lasers, drones and satellites for the purpose of spreading the Internet to the disconnected places on Earth. The Social Networking site plans to bring forward a bunch of facilities for the users, including increased speed, better connectivity and more free websites to ponder around. If the project works out, it will add another feather to the glorious crown of Facebook, the social networking giant.

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